Learning is FUN at Summer Explorations

Explore STEM through a series of hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics opportunities.

Explore challenging academic activities in math, language arts, science and geography. Work with money in a bank or make change at the Market.

Explore writing techniques by documenting your virtual travel in a journal or read a map to get to your destination.

Explore role-playing, singing, and dancing and other performing arts activities. Discover various techniques of expression such as dramatic presentations, singing, poetry, miming and star in your own pint-sized production.

Explore art and unique crafts from various parts of the world. Building a story board and learn how to use photographs to create and publish your own mini-newspaper.

Explore various sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, cricket and swimming. Participate in a mini summer Olympics.

Explore another country though a virtual visit. Be an Ambassador for a day.

Explore technology and use computers to create your own web page. Prepare fun educational videos to practice and showcase your artistic and academic skills.