Friday, January 27, 2017

Futsal Team Updates

To help everyone coaching and to give parents a better understanding of some differences of the Futsal program,Coach Timmons has put together a list of 10 things to know derived from information available through the Futsal league.

Before the game starts:

  1. Bring a large Pennie or Goalie jersey that is not lime green and not black.
  2. Gather the kids who are on the Team before the game and identify one kid to play goalie in the first half and another kid to play goalie in the second half. If none of them volunteer, pick two and tell them it is their responsibility to do this at least once this season.
  3. Have the kids line up for the referee to check that they are wearing proper shoes and shin guards. It’s a good idea to have gloves for the goalie.
  4. Pick four kids to start the game on the court, and of course the goalie too.  There are five players on the field, total. The rest of the kids can sit on the bench to start and pay attention so when it’s their time to enter the game they will know what to do. NOTE: I would also like to have 1 or 2 team captains per game. Kids love it and it helps develop leadership skills.

During the game:

  1. Substitute players anytime you want. You do not need to call a time-out to substitute. You must tell the referee when you need to substitute the goalie. Substituting players half way through the first half (the 10 minute mark) is a good approach. The only thing that matters is that kids play somewhat equal amounts (if possible).  Also you have 2 time-outs per game, 1 for each half. The game consists of two 20-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime. Be sure kids drink water or Gatorade during half time and after the game.
  2. The key rules of futsal are: we do kick-ins from the sideline rather than throw-ins; there is no rule about being off-sides; you can score off of any free kick and any kick-in from the sideline; pushing or heading is not allowed (our guys have not had a problem with this).
  3. Offer the kids some strategic advice: spreading out on the court will help them advance the ball and keep pressure on the opposing team. Also, short passes are the key to scoring goals, and everyone should stand in front of the goal during corner kicks.
  4. Organize the four players on the field into one of two formations: 1) 2 (forwards) by 2 (midfielders) formation; or 2) a diamond 1 (forward) by 2 (midfielder) by 1 (defender) formation
  5. Goalies should stand 2 feet in front of the goal most of the time and on corner kicks the goalie should stand next to the goal post nearest the ball.  The goalie can score a point for the opposing team if they are too far back in the goal or if they swing the ball backward.

After the game:

  1. Line the kids up to shake hands with their opponents.

In closing gather the team once again for a quick motivational speech telling them the positives about the game and some quick improvement feedback areas but absolutely close the talk with another positive. Make sure we use all hands in the center huddle using a positive chant on the count of three (teamwork, respect, believe, trust, etc.)






10:15 am- MIDS Jr. Matador  vs Italy at St. Stephens Middle School Gym Main Gym

11:15am – MIDS Sr. Matadors vs  Brazil at Francis C. Hammond Middle School Main Court

  • Players are to arrive 30 before the game starts to warm-up and review strategies .

Click here for a full schedule of this season’s game

** We are aware that the games are scheduled very close to each other, leaving roughly 20 minutes between games.  We will sending the players that participate on both teams to the second school during the second half of the first game.


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