Thank You

Thank you for Donating

to the MIDS Annual Fund!

Here is where your donation will go:

  1.  Students – Annual Fund dollars enhance student life in countless unrecognized but crucial ways. They provide necessities such as microscopes, maps, computer software, art supplies, library online services, and much more.
  2. Exceptional Teachers – As much as times may change, one thing at MIDS remains the same: exceptional teachers. When you give to the Annual Fund, your contribution supports the work of professional educators whose values and expectations shape young minds.
  3. Class Size – MIDS needs adequate resources to recruit and retain the best educators for every grade and every subject so the school can keep class sizes small, faculty-student ratios low, and learning opportunities vast.
  4.  A first-rate education is expensive and most independent schools are not able to cover total costs through tuition alone. Because Annual Giving relieves the school’s overall financial burden, all of our students benefit.
  5. Tuition – Investments in the Annual Fund keep tuition increases to a minimum while maintaining the quality of each child’s education at the high level expected from MIDS.
  6. Campus – Annual Fund dollars contribute to the operation of campus spaces where students learn and play. From electricity that powers the lights to maintaining the athletic fields, the Annual Fund contributes to the most basic campus needs.
  7. Budget – Unless otherwise restricted to a special program or fund, Annual Fund dollars go straight to the bottom line.
  8. Wise Investment – Giving to MIDS is an investment in students and teachers.
  9. Tradition – Alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, and friends have given and continue to give to MIDS. Every dollar counts toward a cumulative total that greatly benefits every facet of the school.
  10. Bottom Line – MIDS needs you! Put simply, Annual Fund gifts help to ensure a bright future for all the students, faculty and staff of Maryland International Day School.